A Cry….by Yaffa Ganz

This continues to be  a difficult summer.  A complicated one. With all the difficulties, life goes on. There are weddings and births, thank G-d.  There is a great deal of joy to be derived from our relationships with family and friends, and  immense pleasure to be had from the natural beauty of this universe. Yet, there is immense pain.  We, the  Jewish people, are one entity. When one aches, we all ache.  When the land and the people of Israel are threatened, Jews across the globe are threatened.  We will present various pieces that will hopefully help us to deal with the turmoil and the pain.  Metzapim l’yeshua, anxiously awaiting salvation, ML

A Cry…..by yaffa ganz


Words are gifts from G-d but sometimes

there are no words.

They are consumed in the cauldron of fire

which burns in the heart.

Rage, revenge, the desire to destroy –

these too have their place.

Amalek must be erased.


Not forever shall we be sheep.

Judah is a roaring lion, destined

to sanctify Your name.

But surrounding the burning fire in my heart,

lies a suffocating blanket

of sadness and sorrow

so heavy

I cannot breath.


Help us Hashem.

Give us the wisdom to be wise,

to do what should be done.

Empower us

to sanctify, protect and avenge

Your People and Your Name.

Embrace and comfort us

In our time of sorrow.

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