Eternal Memory for Your Loved Ones

Jewish tradition has always taught the eternity of the soul. We have also always believed that there is much that we can do for the benefit of those souls no longer in this world (see the book Remember My Soul by Lori Palatnik). Among the deeply meaningful activities most widely appreciated is the study of the part of the Torah called Mishnah for the merit of the departed.

Mishnah, which is the basis of the Talmud, is the basic expression of Jewish life according to the Torah, covering all areas of our existence: beginning with how we appreciate all of G-d’s blessings in this world to special occasions, from family life to civil law and from charity to religious expression.

The Hebrew word for soul is Neshama and the Kabbalists point out that letters that for the words Neshamah and Mishnah are the same. This, they say, hints at the profound connection of Mishnah study with the merit of a departed soul. This is the basis of the widespread practice to study Mishnah during the week of Shiva, the month of Shloshim, throughout the first year of mourning and on the occasion of a yahrzeit.

Now, there is a beautiful new opportunity for those not familiar with or proficient in Mishnah study to honor their loved ones with this merit. A network of students has been organized that is available to help anyone with this meaningful Mitzva. A phone call to The Society for Mishnah Study will connect you with someone who will take on a Mishnah study project on behalf of your loved one. The project can range from one subject, taking a few hours to complete, to the extraordinary merit of completing all six orders of the Mishnah which takes well over a hundred hours. At the end, the student will study the last lines with you so you can share personally in the merit and join in the siyum – completion of the text.

If your heart is telling you to honor the memory of a loved one and you are looking for something special, you can’t go wrong with Mishnah study.

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