Aliyas Neshamah Program Implemented in Phoenix-Area Schools

This year, in conjunction with the parshiyos teaching about the passing of the Avos and Imahos, a special program was implemented in the Phoenix Hebrew Academy and the Yeshiva High School of Arizona to teach children about the concepts of neshamah, Olam Haba and the importance of doing mitzvos li’iluy neshamah. The program was based on The Aliyas Neshamah Curriculum written by Mrs. Robin Meyerson, a beloved member of the community, and produced by Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah.

The rebbeim and teachers were able to implement the program on many levels. First-grade teacher Mrs. Chani Lapin and her students worked on a vatranus Project, in keeping with Rachel’s supreme sacrifice for the sake of her sister Leah, to create a beautiful bulletin board in honor of Rachel Imeinu’s yahrtzeit. The class then discussed acts of chessed they could do l’iluy nishmas people they knew who had been niftar.  Fourth-grade rebbe Rabbi Bleeman shared, “This was a fantastic program that helped the kids understand the journey of the soul and how to elevate the neshamah of departed loved ones. Each student was given an assignment to write about a loved one who passed away. We plan to dedicate our learning for that person’s neshamah on their yahrtzeit.”

In the Yeshiva High School of Arizona, Rabbi Gavriel Goetz led a workshop for ninth- and tenth-grade boys based on the curriculum. The discussion started out with a parshah overview and how important it was for Rivkah to live a righteous life as a legacy to honor Sarah. The boys discussed the importance of learning mishnayos for the departed and the various acts of chessed that can be done in their merit. The workshop generated serious discussion about what happens after the neshamah leaves the body.