Mishnah Study Offered to Mourners

Rabbi M. H. established The Society for Mishnah Study (Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah) in 2005 to serve mourners who wish to have Mishnayos studied to earnzechuyos (Heavenly merits) for their loved ones. In particular, should a mourner find that the Mishnayos study for a loved one will not be completed in time for a siyum at the shloshim or yahrzeit, the Society for Mishnah Study will galvanize enough Torah scholars to devote themselves to study Mishnayosdedicated to the recently departed man or woman.

The studies would also include Gemara, and if desired, all of Shas. They also provide Kaddish, Yizkor, Tehillim (Psalms) and Gemara (Talmud) learning services as part of their affiliated programs. The noble mission is to assist mourners in every phase of their mourning as well as to help in achieving their goal to elevate the soul of the departed, to lend extra meaning to a happy occasion, and to provide the benefits of Torah study for any occasion.

Beneficiaries of Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah reap the immeasurable merits of Torah study, both in this world and the World-to-Come. All contributions are tax-deductible and may be drawn from ma’aser (tithed) money. Dedicated Torah study by Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah is completed exclusively for the sponsored individual, and not as part of a conglomeration of a long list of sponsored names.

Ideally, a consultation will assist in choosing the appropriate course of study. Accomplished Torah scholars will embark upon your mission and complete the task as the precise moment necessary. Included is the attractive possibility of the donor engagingly studying together with the scholar or scholars joining the effort. Upon completion, the significant event will be commemorated with the presentation of a handsome certificate or plaque.

The Society for Mishnah Study is headquartered in Lakewood, and can be contacted at 732-364-7029, or at info@societyformishnahstudy.org. Rabbi H. has the important approbations of Lakewood Dayan Rabbi Yaakov Ephraim Forchheimer, and Lakewood Skverer Dayan Rabbi Avrohom Spitzer.