Sweet Moments Indeed!

Hadassah got married around 8 years ago, and was hoping to start a family of her own.

After all, that’s what the rest of her friends did. They got married and soon enough were expecting their first child.

However, as her friends had one child after another, Hadassah had yet to have her first child.

She davened. She gave Tzedakah. She did all sorts of Segulos, but she remained childless.

Around a year ago, Hadassah was in Boro Park and came across the Chinese auction catalog for the 2008 Bonei Olam Chinese Auction.

At first, she hesitated to pick it up as it just accentuated her pain, but eventually picked it up and began leafing through it.

She came across one of the prizes which was donated by “Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah”, an organization that has Torah scholars learn Mishnayos and Gemara on behalf of people as a zechus for Shidduchim, Refuos, Children or other Yeshuos.

“That’s something I never tried!” thought Hadassah.

She picked up the phone and called them and right then and there “bought” the zechus of Mishnayos to be studied on her behalf each day. She eventually added some Talmud to the regimen that the scholars studied on her behalf.

Hadassah also called the number in the Bonei Olam auction book and ordered some tickets to other items that she hoped to win.

The Boro Park auction came and went, and Hadassah did not win any of the prizes in the book.

However, she didn’t mind at all, as the Zechus of Limud Mishnah and the zechus of supporting Bonei Olam made her a real winner!

As of this writing, about a year after she picked up that Chinese auction book, Hadassah is a proud new mother of a healthy baby boy, and the Bris will be taking place in a few days!

She may not have won the prize she put in for but she won the most important “prize” of all; A Yiddishe Neshamah!

The Zechus of Torah! The Zechus of Chesed! The Zechus of Tzedakah!

Sweet Moments indeed!

For more information and various sponsorship opportunities, contact Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah at 732-364-7029 or at ChevrahLomdeiMishnah.org.