Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah

Learning Mishnayos in memory of a loved one is universally acclaimed as a great zechus for that person’s neshama. Indeed, seforim write that the wordsmishnah and neshamah share the same letters, indicated the symmetry between the two.

Yet a familiar pattern arises when a family tries to get people to take mishnayos. People shy away from the unfamiliar mesechtos in Zerayim, Kodoshim and Taharos. Other families don’t have enough members to split up the entire Mishnayos, or a host of other reasons that make it difficult to fill out the Mishnayos chart. Additionally, there may be friends or relatives that would like to participate in this great zechus, but are unable to because of time constraints or other personal reasons.

Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah fills this void. For a nominal fee, they contact accomplished talmidei chachomim who are fluent in these mesechtos to learn thesemishnayos lezecher nishmas.

“We view it as a win-win situation for everybody involved,” says Rabbi H., the Chevrah’s director. “The family has the peace of mind knowing that themishnayos are being learned, and the people learning them have the extra incentive to master a new area of Torah.”

The Chevrah sees its long term goal to educate people in understanding the importance of limud mishnayos. “Even people far removed from Torah yiddishkeit know about saying Kaddish. Our goal is to eventually get them to realize how limud hatorah is a great zechus for their niftar, whether they learn it themselves or support those who do it for them,” explains Rav H.

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