I Lost Someone Special by Bracha Goetz


Illustrated by: Chani Judowitz

I Lost Someone Special is a full-color children’s picture book about the power of performing mitzvos as a merit for the departed. This beautiful volume helps children put the loss of a loved one in the proper perspective by explaining that we can still connect to the one who has passed on by learning Torah and doing mitzvos for their benefit. Through this engaging book, children will learn to take the important step of transforming their feelings into positive actions that will affect them and their departed loved ones.

Written with the input and approbation of

  • Rabbi Noach Orlowek, Mashgiach, Yeshiva Torah Ore; international lecturer, educator and author of books on parenting and education
  • Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, Clinical Psychologist; Director of Interventions and Community Education for Project Chai, the Trauma, Crisis and Bereavement Department of Chai Lifeline

Nichum V’Nechamah: To Comfort & Be Comforted (A Guide to the Mitzvah of Nichum Aveilim)


Losing a loved one is arguably the most difficult and challenging time in the life of a Jew. Coming to terms with the loss, the irreplaceable void and insurmountable feelings of despair is something that requires time, strength and support.

Throughout the shivah, shloshim, and the first year of aveilus, the need for proper perspective, guidance and assistance is paramount.

Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah has invested a lot of time, energy and money to properly research and produce a phenomenal video production to help those in aveilus, as well as their friends and acquaintances, properly understand aveilus to ensure that mourners receive the appropriate comfort and comforters extend appropriate nechamah.

The video production, specially formulated to include compelling content for both mourners and comforters, is a truly groundbreaking production that will have a deep and positive impact on all who view it.


Comfort, Courage, and Clarity: An interactive blog by Mrs. Miriam Liebermann

Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah has partnered with Mrs. Miriam Liebermann, CSW, co-author of “Saying Goodbye” (Targum Press), a handbook for teens on the topic of “dealing with loss and mourning”. Mrs. Liebermann will be writing and updating a blog on this site, entitled Comfort, Courage, & Clarity on topics of mourning and coping with loss.



The Neshamah Should Have an Aliyah: An inspirational and practical guide by Rabbi Tzvi Hebel

NeshamaAliya250The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult and traumatic events we must face. Many of us struggle with the loss of connection to our loved ones, and we wonder if there is something we can do to keep that connection alive.
The truth is that we have the power to do something very meaningful. Our actions can do more than just maintain the connection. They can also give our departed loved ones a powerful aliyah (elevation) in Heaven. In fact, there are numerous opportunities for us to positively and productively channel our efforts for the benefit of our loved ones’ neshamos (souls), and for our own benefit, as well.
This book is an inspirational and practical guide for anyone who desires to remember a loved one in a meaningful way. Painstakingly researched and masterfully written, it explains the fundamental ideas underlying the concept of providing merit for a soul and then offers hands-on, practical guidance for all the many aliyah opportunities that our tradition describes.