A personal note from Miriam Liebermann

Dear Friends,


This is a difficult time for all, with the situation in Israel so precarious. We follow the news carefully, recite our Tehillim with great fervor, hoping and praying for the best.


These last weeks have been an emotional whirlwind for all of us. I keep reading.  So desperate am I for words of encouragement and strength. And I keep praying.


Last week was particularly stressful. My husband and youngest son, Naftali, were scheduled to fly to Israel on Wednesday night. The following Sunday would be the first yartzeit and the Hakamas Hamatzeiva of my  father in law, on Har Hazeisim. The missiles were flying. Har Hazeisim scared me. I was not myself, but was anxious and quite frankly, terrified.


Naftali was scheduled to begin camp this week in Jerusalem.  The camp director had assured me that they had consulted with the proper Rabbinic authorities, as well as various security agencies, and that our boys would be safe and secure. They would revamp the itinerary and certainly not venture to any locale that may be G-d forbid precarious.


My husband and Naftali did fly Wed evening. Thank G-d, they arrived safely. All went well on Har Hazeisim; there was plenty of security on the mountain as it was also the yartzeit of the Ohr Hachaim Hakodosh. By now, my dear husband is back in NY and  our dear Naftali has begun camp in Yerushalayim. Camp did officially begin. Out of approximately 60 campers, only 3 cancelled. As an insider, I think to myself, what a group of courageous mothers. Then I realize, it’s not necessarily courage, it’s faith.  All was decreed already on Rosh Hashana last year. All was sealed many moons ago.  The same G-d who protects our boys up in the  Catskill mountains, protects our boys in Yerushalayim.


I’m praying that our chayalim need not enter Gaza on foot. I just watched a moving video. Before leaving Jerusalem for Gaza, a large squad of soldiers came to the Kotel to pray. They marched into the kotel plaza   singing, “Anachnua maaminim bnai maaminim…..We are  believers, the son of believers, and we  have no one to rely on, other than our Father in heaven.”


We have just begin the 3 weeks, our traditional period of mourning, and mourn we will. We mourn the passing of three innocent, young lives. We mourn the destruction of our Temple, whilst simultaneously acknowledging the gifts Hashem continuously bestows upon us.


May Hashem take care of all, bring back all our boys safely and securely to the embrace of their loving homes. May Hashem  erect the long awaited succah of peace.


Hoping to share only happy tidings with you all.  Miriam Liebermann

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