Recommended Reading List

Suggested Reading:


  • After a Loss in Pregnancy, Nancy Berezin, Simon and Schuster
  • Afterlife-The Jewish View: Where are We Headed?  Jonathan Morgenstern and Rav Sholom Kamenetsky, Mosaic press
  • Confronting the Loss of a Baby; A Personal and  Jewish Perspective,  Rabbi Yamin Levy, Ktav Publishing House
  • Consolation, Rabbi Dr Maurice Lamm
  • Final Gifts, understanding the special awareness, needs and communications of the dying, Maggie Callanan and  Patricia Kelley, Bantam Books
  • Forever Remembered, Dan Zadra with Marcia Woodard, Compendium Inc.
  • Forever With Me, a memoir of a young girl’s journey through pain, loss and hope, Shoshana Rube
  • If There’s Anything I Can Do- Rebecca Bram Feldbaum, Feldheim
  • If You Were G-d, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan Jonathan Morgenstern and Rav Sholom Kamenetsky, Mosaic press
  •  Making Sense of Suffering, A Jewish Approach, Rabbi Yitzchak Kirzner, ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
  • Motherless Daughters, The Legacy of Loss, Hope  Edelman, DeCapo Lifelong Books
  • On Death and Dying, Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Macmillan, 1969
  • Saying Goodbye, Dealing with Loss and Mourning, Dr. Neal Goldberg and Miriam Liebermann, Targum Press
  • The Blessing of a Broken Heart, Sherri Mandell, Toby Press
  • The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch Hyperion, NYe Neshama Should Have an Aliya; Rabbi Tzvi Hebel, Judaica Press
  • The Neshama Should Have an Aliya, Rabbi Tzvi Hebel, Judaica Press/Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah
  • Walking Mom Home, sharing the blessings of this life’s final journey, Miriam Millhauser Castle, Targum Press
  • Why Me, G-d? A Jewish Guide for Coping with Suffering, Lisa Aiken, Jason Aronson Inc.
  • Zeydeh, a story guide to help Jewish children cope with loss and bereavement, Moshe Halevi Spero, Simcha Publishing Co.

Magazines and Support Networks:

  • A TIME, for couples dealing with infertility/pregnancy loss  718 686 8912 Helpline 718 437 7110
  • CHAZAK Inspiration phone line-Inspiration 24/6

718 258 2008

845 356 6665

416 800 0656

03 929 0707          44 203 375 1580

  • Links, quarterly magazine for teenage girls and young women  who have lost a parent

LINKS line phone support-   718 305 6080

LINKS line; inspiration at your fingertips,  718 705 9350

  • Shloime’s Boys for young boys who have lost a parent
  • Our Tapestry, for parents who have lost a child             Miriam 718 438 6930

Chana Devorah 718 771 3443

  • Samcheinu for those who have been widowed

516 371 0515

  • Sister to Sister for divorced women 718 338 2943











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